Meagan Harding

Melbourne, Australia
0400 181 401
instagram: @meaganharding


A professional head-shot defines your personal brand, therefore it is important to me that your head-shots look and feel like you.

Head-shot sessions are informal and relaxed and take around 30-90 minutes.  My Carlton studio has ample street parking or is just a short tram ride from the city.

Suitable for: small and large business, individuals, creatives, actors etc



I specialise in small products, which includes beauty, cosmetics, body-care, personal grooming, etc. 

Product photography prices vary depending on the style required.

Suitable for: cosmetic, beauty, body-care, footwear, food products, etc

Product Photography Examples


The promise of exquisite taste in every image, 

I work with many food stylists and can make recommendations should you not have your own network.

Suitable for: cafes, restaurants, cook books, etc

Food Photography Examples


Capturing the mood and essence of your brand.

I work with many stylists and make-up artists and can make recommendations should you not have your own network.

Fashion photography prices vary depending on the complexity and location of the shoot, but can be easily quoted over a simple chat.

Suitable for: look-books, editorials, beauty, etc

Fashion Photography Examples

For a complete rate card, send me a message via the form below and a price list will be promptly returned.

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Meagan Harding is an animal friendly photographer and supports cruelty free fashion and cruelty free products.  

I choose not to shoot garments made from or containing fur (vintage or new), or products containing ivory or any other illegally procured animal parts.

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